YouTube is a huge platform for people to entertain the world with their talent and make money out of it. The best part is that uploading to YouTube will not cost you anything and this is the reason there is a lot of content on the site! There are millions of channels and billions of videos there and if you want to be recognized and if you want your channel to grow then consider following:

  1. Boost the engagement.

YouTube algorithm believes that your content is interesting is if generates enough likes, shares, comments, etc. within first 24-48 hours of being published. If you get enough, the algorithm will promote your video. For this you need to make quality content as you cannot get youtube klicks günstig.

  1. Increase your watch time.

Watch time is the duration for which the viewer watches your videos. Videos with higher watch time are preferred by the algorithm. So, try create content that will grab attention of viewer and be in interest of the viewer for as long as possible.

  1. Obviously, create good content.

There is always a different trend on YouTube, something different every week that the viewers are crazy about. You can just search and you will find lots of things that people are watching at the moment. You can just go with the flow and give your audience exactly what they want and get more views.

  1. Adopt SEO

Search engine optimization is very important for all online content creators. You can add tags, use keywords and do a load of things to make sure that search engines show your videos to people who search the anything related to your video.

These little things will help your channel grow bigger but the process will be slow unless you are lucky and your videos get viral, but you can not count on that, can you?