Beautiful destinations, world-class culture, and amazing people – these made up California. If you haven’t been to this spectacular place, it can be described as a dazzling cornucopia with a lot of great things to see and do. Intrigued? To give you a taste of amazing experiences, here are some of the free things to do in San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Every tourist’s number one destination in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. You should never consider yourself as someone who has been to California if you haven’t visited this massive landmark yet. The good thing is that it is always free for pedestrians.

Cable Car Museum

It may cost you around 6-7 dollars to ride the historic cable cars of the city, but visiting the cable car museum is free. It is located in the corner of Mason and Washington streets. Visiting this place will allow you to learn the history of cable cars and how the entire system runs.


If you are a curious traveler, then you should visit San Francisco’s famous Chinatown. This place has a lot of hidden gems that excite travelers. Here, you can find several shops, restaurants and other establishments.

LBGT History

Certainly, visiting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History Museum is always on the list of the 25 best things to do in San Francisco. This museum has an essential historic place for the gay right movements.

Fleet Week

If you are looking for something more challenging and more high adrenaline,. Visiting the City by the bay on its annual Fleet Week in the month of October is the best thing to do. You can see this in almost every part of the city. You should also head to the waterfront to have a closer view of the spectacular and staggering action.