The main problem during the monsoon is the rain, and the problem worsens if your house has a leaky roof or if you are living in a flat and the same is on the top floor you might be facing what is called a damped condition due to the leaky roof and 24 hour dripping water from a corner of your flat. Now how can you fix these problems as you know that prolonged condition of your flat in that damped condition may lead to many other problems and those problems will not only be limited to your wall or your flat but also your furniture.

Sometimes the situation worsens, and the damping or the dripping water may also lead to short-circuiting of different circuits that may also be of AC or T.V. or any other kind of electronic devices. There are obvious answers to all the problems, and one such answer and its method are given below:

Ways of How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement?

  • The process starts by cleaning up the old remains of the roof.
  • You are replacing the old wood of the roof of your house with new wood or plywood.
  • In some regions where during winter chilly cold weather is a common one, for those houses which are in that kind of region installing ice dam protection will be required.
  • To prevent water penetration, the roof can be covered up at first with asphalt roofing paper.
  • Applying metal dripping at the edge of the roof and the roof is nailed in place of the ice guard.
  • Applying tab shingles to fix on the roof.
  • Flashing application to all such places from which leakage may occur
  • The ridge vent is also introduced to the peak of the roof to allow ventilation.

There are companies like Ameri-Dry Home Services who takes care of all such repairing activities and as well as repairing any other part of the house if needed are also done by them with additional costs.