Pee pads are unique platforms or surfaces tailor-made for the dogs to take a pee. It helps to makes the dog well mannered and trained and also helps to keep the house neat and clean. You can use these pads to train your dog from a young age to pee at a particular spot. These pee pads work good till a certain age of the dog; then, you have to remove dog pee pads older dogs need to be trained to poop or pee outside. These pads stink and make the environments of the house miserable, so it is better to get rid of them. You need to train your pad trained dog again to go outside for peeing and pooping.

Techniques to train a dog to pee outside during the daytime

Out the door method

Place the pee pad of your dog near the door and make him use it regularly. You can use some treats and rewards to push him to use the pad. When he becomes somewhat consistent, then pick him up and take him outside when he is using the pad. Place the pad outdoors and use verbal commands to make him understand the work. Give him treats for each time he goes outdoor for peeing.

The outside technique

It is quite an effective method to train your dog to go outside for peeing. You need to look at your dog for signs that he needs to take a pee. You can use some keywords to ask him whether he wants to go outside in a cheerful voice. Use commands until he starts to respond to them and understand. Boost him to move out by luring him for treats and rewards. Slowly he will begin to understand your command and will himself move outside whenever he wants to poop or pee.