The digital age has brought upon the convenience of using digital files in work and business environment. This paperless system of documentation not only saves the environment by significantly reducing the need for paper, it has also brought about convenience for most business individuals and professionals. Most companies have started utilizing paperless method of documentation for various files and important documents.

Of course, much like traditional paper documents, digitial ones need to be stored securely and must be available for access should the need arise. That’s where virtual data rooms come in. Virtual Data Rooms are online database for companies to store and share confidential documents and information within the company. Having a Virtual Data Room brings convenience in managing the increasing number of important digital files in a company.

Here are some of the best Virtual Data room venders available right now based on dataroom reviews online:

iDeals Virtual Data Room

The highest-ranking Virtual Data room provider, they offer simple yet highly effective and fast virtual data rooms for companies. Once subscribed, it will only take 15 minutes for iDeals to deploy your data room for immediate use. They also allow seamless access on different platforms, be it mobile or a desktop computer, and support for over 25 file formats makes viewing, downloading, and printing documents convenient and easy.

Intralinks Dealspace

This virtual data room provider contains indexing template for easier upload and management of documents and files. Mobile access of Intralinks Dealspace is made possible through dedicated apps that support the virtual data room. They also feature an easy-to-understand user interface to minimize the learning curve for individuals who will use it.

Merrill DataSite

            Provided by Merrill Corpoation, this virtual data room boasts of security for all the files and documents being stored in them. This allows for a confidential and secure transactions within the company and even with other companies. Though highly secure, access to mobile devices is limited and may need more improvement.