rand Theft Auto Game with the Experts

What is the Grand Theft Auto Game?

The Grand Theft Auto game is probably one of the best video games that have ever been developed. It is also the only one to have lasted for so long. The game was launched by Rockstar Games. It involves a protagonist who is trying to rise in the ranks of the underworld dons. The motive for this action varies with the game. The villain tries to dampen the hero’s efforts and therefore must be destroyed. There are many side missions which a player can undertake.

What are 20 things that only an expert will be able to find in Grand Theft Auto V?

The Grand Theft Auto V is a very engaging game only because it holds many secrets. Even players who have played it many times also come across new creatures and other surprises. Here are some things that only an expert will be able to find:

  • The alien that is being hunted is in the very first scene, under the bridge.
  • Only one UFO is there throughout the game, and even that isn’t alight but has crashed. The other three only appear after the game is over.
  • Jolene Cranely-Evans is the ghost and appears on Mont Gordo at around 11pm
  • The infinite eight mystery is unsolved and leads players to the criminals
  • The collector’s edition map is very special and has all the secrets and hints. They are only visible under black light
  • The Paleto Bay is the GTA version of the Bermuda Triangle. Strange and unexplained things happen here.
  • There is an unknown yet intentional face carved into Mont Chilliad
  • There exists a creepy Goatman only visible at night.
  • There are mysterious bones in the eastern end of the sea.
  • There is a hatch underwater that cannot be entered but gives coded messages.
  • BigFoot is a legendary monster who disappears within a few seconds of being sighted. His heat signature can be spotted in the forest.
  • Most gamers fail to notice the sand shark on the beach
  • The zombie is a human pretending to be a zombie
  • There is a strange map on top of Mont Chilliad
  • Thelma and Lousie are stuck on a cliff

The GTA game downloaded is more convenient to use than playing online. All in all, this is a game full of secrets that can be played multiple times.