YouTube is the biggest video streaming website right now. It has probably the largest video sharing platform where anyone can watch and upload videos for free. YouTube does not only cater to video creators and viewers. Recently, it has also been a popular platform for music lovers to upload songs for everyone to enjoy.

However, unlike most music streaming apps, you can’t download songs off YouTube to for you to enjoy offline. Or in the case of smartphones and mobile version of YouTube app, the music stops the moment you change windows or go to a different screen.

There have been a number of websites that allows you to download certain videos off YouTube in a number of video formats. Recently, these websites have added features that allow you to download from YouTube in MP3 formats, perfect for those who only want the songs or audio from a certain video.

A simple Google search will easily have you click for info YouTube MP3 converter websites. To help you further here are some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters available now:

  • Audiothief

Audiothief claims to be the fastest YouTube video to MP3 downloader and converter. Aside from YouTube, this online tool also works with other video platforms such as Dailymotion. As an added feature, they also recommend trending MP3 downloads so you won’t have difficulties thinking which to get next.

  • Dirpy

This online video downloader tool has all the functions one might need in downloading and converting videos off YouTube to MP3. Dirpy allows you to choose the MP3 output bitrate from 128kbps to 256kbps, perfect for those who are meticulous on the quality of their MP3’s.

  • YouTube-MP3

Arguably the most popular YouTube to MP3 download. Aside from being one of the fastest YouTube to MP3 downloader and converter, this online tool is also compatible with mobile platforms, meaning it will work well for those who would like to directly download their MP3’s to their smartphones. Unfortunately, this particular tool does not work on Google Chrome, so you have to install a different browser to take advantage of this website.