Streaming movies is super cool and comfortable but you cannot always stream movies online as it requires a strong internet connection. One may wonder what are some good streaming sites like project free tv that allow downloading the movies, you can always download movies on paid services Netflix and Amazon prime too. This is because downloading movies online is the most convenient way of watching them, here are some reasons why.


Everyone hates buffering. Sherlock is about to tell who the murderer is but you just see his face frozen with a funny expression and the ‘loading’ icon blinking, this can be very annoying and it definitely ruins the mood. If you download a movie online, you don’t have to worry about the buffering as the whole movie is already loaded.


You can watch a downloaded movie even when you don’t have an active internet connection, which means you can watch your favorite Interstellar scenes while actually orbiting a black hole or you can sing along the SpongeBob theme while you are actually under the sea. This can be useful while travelling abroad or when you are away from your beautiful home’s Wi-Fi coverage.


When streaming online with an average network connection, you may have noticed that quality of the video keeps changing. This happens because of changes in network strength. One way to escape this interruption is to download the movie when you have strong connection and watch it whenever you want in the best quality.


You can not stream a movie on a regular TV but if you’ve downloaded the movie, you can easily transfer a copy to a CD or a USB drive and watch the movie on whichever device you want.

These were the ways in which downloading movies is more convenient than anything.