E-sports are the gaming competitions that are held on online gaming platforms. E-sports are gaining quite a lot of popularity these days. The reason for this is that there is a majority of people in the world who are below 30. These people are young in age and have high disposable incomes so they turn to hobbies and gaming is one of the first things that these young people turn to.

The Popularity Of E-Sports

The popularity of gaming is what has led to the emergence of e-sports. The various businessmen around the world never fail to realize the opportunities available in the market and that is why they have invested their money in e-sports. Various companies throughout the world organize numerous e-sporting tournaments. These tournaments are organized at large level, there are regional, national, and even international e-sporting tournaments. Millions of people follow these sports and visit the places where these tournaments are held which makes it one of the most popular tournaments.

How People Can Make Money From E-Sports

E-sport tournaments are organized at grand levels. The companies organizing them make lots of profit by the tournament through different means. But the companies are not the only ones making profit. The players also make quite a lot of profit through these tournaments. These tournaments normally have a huge cash prize that the player can receive upon winning the tournament. The famous online battle royale game Fortnite has a world cup which has huge winning amount. The first prize of the game is 2,400,000$ and the second prize is 1,800,000. The players make quite a lot of earnings upon winning these tournaments.

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