Rats can cause damage when the root cause of their existence in your home were left untreated. You may not see much of the damage they are causing, but, once they are large in numbers, infestation and getting rid of them might be a hard task to do. Getting rid of them has many options to choose from. From conventional rat trap to poison trap, it has seen success rate many times. Unfortunately, finding first where they nest are trickiest and probably the hardest thing you have to do first. In this article, tips and tricks will be shared on how to spot rat presence in your own.

The easiest tell-tale signs whenever there’s a rat infestation are their droppings, noises from the ceiling especially during unholy hours of your sleep. Another sign where there’s rat presence is, of course, live or dead presence of them. Should you find dead rats, the one thing you’ll notice from it is the foul smell it emits. Now, once you have find them through their signs of presence, getting rid of them finally is the final process. If you want to use rat traps, they come in bunch. Snap trap are the most effect and least expensive among all. You just have to set up the trap at the place you think they frequently go to. Put some bait inside the trap and once they get in to the trap, the cage trap will close and trapping them in the process. Another way to catch rats is using pesticides made for rat. These are poisonous and not only it can harm rats, but also human especially kids if in case they are ingested.

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