Online Compliance Trainings have such a bad reputation that most people would rather sit in standstill traffic, waste a significant amount of time betting in rajaonlineqq, or wash a huge stack of dirty dishes than sit out and finish one online compliance training. However, these compliance trainings are developed to improve our skills and further our goals, and no matter how boring and tedious they are, finishing these compliance trainings are important.

But what if there’s a way for you to make online compliance trainings more bearable, enjoyable even? Turning these training into serious games can actually make them more exciting. Here are a few tips in transforming compliance online trainings into serious games for a more exciting and memorable experience.

Have realistic and achievable goals

The key to successfully transforming online compliance trainings into exciting games is by setting up realistic and achievable goals that can develop your skillset at the same time. These goals must also offer real value to your learning if integrated into it through games. It’s also important to be as specific as possible in setting up your goals so as not to leave them vulnerable to misinterpretation.

Make it simple and straightforward

One common mistake most people make is when they try to transform these training into complicated games with oftentimes hard-to-understand mechanics. Making a game too complicated, with numerous twists and turns, for spice up online compliance training can backfire and may actually result to the opposite of what you want to achieve. Make things simple that you don’t lost track of the important aspects of the game, learning.


Involve your audience into your game

Gamifying a training will work best if you take into account the things that will drive and affect your audience. If they start to feel engaged and involved, it will get them to participate more and thereby increasing the chances of achieving the training’s goal.