Hoverboard industry is booming right now; unique, more efficient and more functional models of hoverboards are hitting the market everyday. Online stores offer great deals on them, and people living in the big cities are buying them like crazy fast. You also have the luxury of reading honest reviews like this segway es1 hoverboard review to see the actual truth.

There is no doubt in this fact that hoverboards provide a good means of travelling the short distances, but did you know that these hoverboards have various health benefits too? If not, then you should carry on reading to know more about this aspect. Here are some of the most considerable health benefits of hoverboards.

They Improve Your Reflexes

Just like you have to adjust the speed of your bike to prevent any accidents and keep going, hoverboard too requires you to apply pressure in different directions with your feet. There are sensors on the board below your feet that respond to the pressure applied by you.

While learning all these adjustments, your reflexes would become much faster. You’ll learn when to accelerate, when you decelerate, when to turn left/ right and when to apply the brakes. Improved reflexes would help you in a number of other ways too.

Full Body Exercise

Riding a hoverboard is like getting involved in a full body exercise. First of all you’ll have to keep standing unlike a car or a bike where you travel sitting.

When you keep your back straight, bend in different directions, mobilize your arms and legs, all the muscles in your body are targeted, and you get a little exercise as a result. This makes the hoverboard a great option to use in the morning.

Burn Some Calories

Hoverboard can’t replace your gym in terms of calorie burning, but it certainly make some impact. You can use the hoverboard on your way to gym, this will allow your body to warmup before the hectic exercise starts.