Our 90s was all about playing adventure games as video games because they are highly appraised at that time. Adventure games are all about action, thriller, and solving puzzles. Here, a storytelling scene has created, and one needs to resolve it for winning the game and earning more scores. Now, a day’s kids and people are more up to playing internet-based games, but earlier time kids were playing adventure games on television and on play station.

The adventure game was first released in 1976 and appraised as one of the highly active games. Kids were becoming a fan and started adoring these games. If you are interested in playing adventure game then you can also chase gambling games too from Agen Bola as here you will get the benefit of earning money by playing poker, casino, blackjack and other too.

List of a graphic adventure game from the 90s:

  • Sanitarium: the sanitarium game was launched in 1998, and it was a thriller-horror action game. It was considered as the popular and trendiest game of earlier times, and this game was appraised fun-loving for playing with friends.
  • I have no mouth, and I must scream: this game was launched in 1995, and every 90 kid will still remember this game as the best video game ever. It’s an interesting adventure game, and you can appraise this game on the computer too.
  • Silver load: this game was also launched in 1995, and here the role of the player is detecting. Basically, this game is also a horror video and adventure game. The story behind the silver load is based on vampires and werewolves.

Above-listed is the three graphic adventure game of the 90s which are highly popular and appraised most in traditional times.