Before, playing video games was considered to be detrimental to one’s mental, social and psychological health. It was only recently, as the industry of video games start to be more popular, that people have started to see video games in a different light.

Despite WHO declaring that video game addiction is a real medical condition, some of my sources reveal that there are actually benefits of playing video games, more so if you play online games without any of those costly subscription fees.

Here are why playing free online games is good for you:

Stress reliever

No matter how you look at it, video games help us cope with stress that the daily life brings us. This is probably the most popular reason most people play games to start with. Immersing yourself in an online video game makes you forget about all the thing that you worry in your life.

Opportunity to make new friends

Most online games allow you to communicate and interact with other players. This allows you to make new acquaintances online, and possibly establish friendship. Whether it’s your teammate in a boss raid or an opponent in an online shooting game, online games creates a channel for people from different corners of the globe to interact and share a moment.

Inexpensive way to have fun

Sure, there are games that are guaranteed to have the best gameplay and gaming experience, but most of the time these games come at a cost. Unfortunately, most AAA game titles are quite expensive for an average gamer. Luckily, there are online games that do not charge a cent to let you play. This gives you an inexpensive way to compete, interact and enjoy without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling quite generous, you can shell out some money and support the game developers by donating or through in-app purchases.