A player has to take effective measures to keep their body away from any kind of injuries. Though injury can occur anytime, so massage plays a great role in making your stiff muscles smooth and free from any injury. Different methods of massage can be done for different purposes. It depends upon the body of the player that which technique works on their body.

What are the advantages of a sports massage?

It is a great way of preparing the athlete to perform their best on the field. Due to the tight and stiff muscles, they cannot perform well and they are likely to have minor injuries in their body. With the help of massage, the muscles are prevented from having injuries or swelling. This is done so that the muscles before flexible and the athlete can give their best performance on the field. There are cases when the muscles have lost the ability to relax due to the great amount of exercising. This can change with the help of a sports massage.

Different techniques of sports massage

When the pressure is applied to the entire body through the palm, this type of massage is known as effleurage and they are very effective for improving the blood circulation. Petrissage is the type of massage that involves lifting, pressing, rolling the tissue of the muscles. They are used for relaxing the tight muscles. The massage done for healing the deeper movement of the muscles and help in removing spasm from the tissues of the muscle is known as friction.

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