Mobile gaming account for a huge percentage of the growth in the gaming industry, accounting for almost 50% of the global video game market. Huge game developers have started producing their own mobile games and have ported some of their classic ones to the mobile, be it in iOS or Android.

There’s no denying the mobile gaming has promising future in the gaming world, now with the advances in smartphone technology making them as powerful as computers, and can now run graphics intensive games, not just online betting games such as AsikQQ. If you want to take mobile gaming serious and want to improve your mobile gaming experience, you can try following these tips:

Use a dedicated gaming controller

While gaming in smartphones provide the convenience of portability, having to play intricate games with the controls on the screen make it quite difficult to appreciate and enjoy the experience. Fortunately, there are dedicated game controllers that can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth for a more genuine gaming experience.

Turn on gaming mode in your smartphone

Smartphones are mainly used to communicate, so it’s normal for notifications from messages and calls to occasionally come in. However, it can be frustrating when this happens in the middle of an intense game. To address this, some phone manufacturers have incorporated a gaming mode onto their software to allow you to focus on the game without any notifications disturbing you.

Use high-quality headphones

One key element in mobile games that most tend to overlook is the music and sounds. With most playing mobile games in speaker mode, often at a very low level to not disturb the people around them, they are unable to experience the musical scoring and sound effects that developers have put into these games. Playing mobile games using high quality headphones allow gamers to truly immerse themselves into the game, experiencing it how developers intended it to be experienced.