Keeping an old iPhone functional and up to date

It’s no secret that iPhones cost a significant sum, and with Apple releasing new versions of iPhones every year, it’s highly impractical to update your iPhone yearly. Good thing Apple keeps even their old iPhone models relevant through updates for years. That’s why there are some people who prefer to keep their old iPhones until it fully dies out before even considering of getting a new model.

Factory resetting an old iPhone model

However, keeping an old model of iPhone, like an iPhone 5, functioning well is not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes, you have to occasionally reset the phone in order to remove old files and data stored in it. Unfortunately, resetting an iPhone will also remove any important data stored in it, such as photos and messages.

If you reset your old iPhone or just accidentally delete an important SMS message, is there a way to recover the lost message even if you don’t have a backup file anywhere?

Limitations of iCloud and iTunes backup

When you set up a newly purchased iPhone, it will ask you to make an Apple account for backups in iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. This is recommended during set up so that there’s a way to recover accidentally lost data, such as messages, should anything go awry. You can also read more on iPhone back up methods, such as with iTunes, in Apple’s website.

However, these backup methods only apply to data stored in an iPhone that can be uploaded to the cloud, such as photos, app data, and imessages. SMS messages, unfortunately, can’t be uploaded onto Apple’s servers, and thus can’t be backed up.

Recovery of deleted SMS messages

This backup limitation brings challenges on recovering deleted SMS messages in an iPhone. Fortunately, there’s one sure way to recover SMS messages even if they’re deleted from your iPhone. Any carrier service provider has all SMS messages and calls stored onto their servers and data storage for a certain length of time before being deleted permanently.

Should you need to recover important SMS messages from your iPhone, you can call your service provider and request for the back up file. You may need to submit a couple of requirements before they approve of your request.