In ancient times, not only the women but the men were also fascinated by ornaments and used to wear it often. Jewelry was made out of stones or shells as people did not discover different types of stones that are now used for making jewelry. In ancient times, jewelry was used for protection from animals or any other dangerous creature in the jungle.

How did jewelry originate?

Originally jewelry was made out of shells and rare stones which only the rich people could afford and wear. It was used by people for marking their status or class. Only the women belonging to higher class wore jewelry because they could afford it and it made them stand out from the other general people. The people did not know much about jewelry making but after some time, they experimented with different materials so that they can find out the best one.

What is the purpose of jewelry?

Jewelry was a symbol of high class and wealth which is why people or mainly women of higher status used to wear these. Nowadays different types of jewelry are made for different purposes. This has led to an increased population of the jewelry industry. Jewelry was made by women for pinning their clothes in the ancient days but now it serves many purposes. In some places, jewelry was used as a source of trading among the businesses and tradespersons. People usually hesitate in buying jewelry from an online source because it might be a fraud. You can get the best VVS diamonds in different designs and materials at a lower and reasonable price.

Many of the jewelry was used as a symbol of religion or the God they have faith in. Later on, it was used as a symbol of love and commitment because it was mainly exchanged by married couples.