Instagram is a very popular app in this time. It is a good way to make money online. If you don’t know how to increase your followers or sells then there is some ideas which might be helpful for you.

5 tips to increase your Instagram marketing:

  • Make attractive profile: it means you should make an attractive profile. Your profile name should match your brand. Like if you are a shoe seller you should name your profile like best shoeseller etc. Add your website link in bio make a colorful profile picture.
  • Good product: you should make a good product which is high in demand you should understand the needs of buyers. If you are trying to sell useless product it is very tough to achieve your goals
  • Make good relation: you must have a good conversation skills. Don’t be like a seller pretend like a normal person and clear all doubts or buyer. Put daily posts and polls and ask others to give their opinions of what they like the most.
  • Trust building: you should be updated on Instagram. Go live post videos, many videos. Put your other customer’s good review on story so others can trust your website product.
  • Other paid services: there are many features in Instagram which promote your site or product and charge some amount. Also there are some apps like momentology It charge some amount and increase your followers and views.

These all are some tips for you to increase your selling fast and make online money.