Dual-Cryptocurrency is GMB’s well-known cryptocurrency system that allows users to use it in reality. This GMBs system includes two coins known as the Master Coin and the Branch Coin. To be able to safely use cryptocurrency in real life, this is a system that will aid and accommodate all users.

Problems related to current Cryptocurrency

Current day Cryptocurrencies have several primary problems as to why it is unable to be served as real-life currency, listed below are a handful of them:

Cryptocurrency has a lot more asset functions for the storage of value compared to regular money for its transferring value.

The system depends on time, whether the actual price of cryptocurrency may either increase or decrease.

Therefore, the Dual-Cryptocurrency system is invented to cope up with these issues; the following are Bitcoin Superstar Bewertungen:

Master Coin

Master Coin acts as the main currency for GMB market and can store asset values like current Cryptocurrencies. It has price inconsistencies which will be added to the global exchange list.

Branch Coin

Branch Coin maintains the same value which is quite similar to fiat currency, cancelling out the inconsistencies of cryptocurrency and enabling people to use them as real money anytime they want and anywhere. It is issued according to the fiat currency of each country, which means that there is going to be one Branch Coin in every region and the coin will act according to their currency.

How are the Master and Branch Coins used? 

Master Coin and Branch Coin will be tradeable by GMB Platform’s Decentralized Exchange also known as GMB DEX. Users can trade and immediately use their coins whenever they find necessary.A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency which works and operates in a decentralized manner without a central authorizing. Decentralized exchanges enable an end-to-end exchange of Cryptocurrencies.