Hoverboards is one of the amazing inventions for the riders. People are loving it for how it works and balances their bodies. But there is a huge rivalry going against the companies who have sued multiple cases on each other over the invention of the Hoverboard. Shane Chen a US based entrepreneur was the first one to file patent for the self-balancing electric vehicle.

Also recently they have come up with another invention which is named as Hoverwheel. The question arises is that :

What is an Hoverwheel?

  • Hoverwheels are basically a pair of self-balancing hover skates that works electronically. These are the new invention by Inventist. This electrically motorized wheel fits directly under the foot of the rider and is self-balancing.
  • It is somewhat similar like a hoverboard but is made for individual foot and allows great freedom of movement. It has a self-contained drive module.
  • One can ride them just like a hoverboard but more independently and one can create their own riding style. As its just like the roller skates and both the feet could be moved separately.
  • Its maximum speed is around 12kph or 7.5 mph. it can incline upto 10 degrees.
  • The maximum weight it can take upto is 100kgs or 220 lbs.
  • It comes up with a dual charging port and can charge both the skates at the same time. It requires full 3 hour charge. And can provide around 45 minutes of ride in total

Hoverboards are basically Shane Chen’s fourth creation in the field of hands-free, electric rideables. The Solowheel was the first invention. Hoverwheel looks a lot more similar like the  (Segway Drift W1 review) which have a worth of around $399. But the price has not been launched for the Hoverwheels yet. This is going to create more such drama between the rival companies.