There are many factors to consider if you want to putt for a longer drive. Swing speed, type of golf club, posture and of course, choosing the right golf balls. Golf balls plays a major role in covering longer yards that is why technology also evolves around Golf balls and integrate features that enhances spin rate and the absorption of impact as well. If we take a look at the history of Golf ball, it was originally made from goose feathers that are stuffed while making it a round leather ball. Back then, it was designed to go as far as 170 yards. Then an improvement has been made on the materials and as a result, it added 30 yards to the max distance it can go through. As time goes by and technology has given a remarkable leaps and bounds, from 170 yards, another set of improvements and innovations has been made with solid core and two piece construction making it a double core with solid four piece construction in the layer, it now can go through beyond 300 yards on a normal shot.

But, premium golf balls doesn’t mean it automatically is considered to add skills, in reality, all of it has an imperfectly balanced but it safe to assume that the quality itself is high enough that it less likely that it will wander off track when it hits the grass after putting hard. It is better to feel first if you want to upgrade or change golf balls. One factor you might want to consider first before splurging is the price tag it has and find one that suits your style and you might be surprise you can find the best golf ball for slow swing speed that you are looking for in the first place.