Being single can be fuzzy. You may feel lonely and left out at times like when you need a plus 1 for the wedding ceremony you were invited to or when you are out for coffee alone and see a cute couple sitting on the next table, enjoying very much, or a bad breakup and what to say for the upcoming valentine’s gift, when you have no one to exchange gifts with! Well, you can rely on social media and find your perfect match to accompany you in ups and downs. Start putting the whatsapp status for girls as you are going to get a person who would see and cherish them!

First step: You need to set up your account on a trustworthy and reliable dating site and make an attractive yet decent profile. Here you can choose to upload your pretty recent picture and a bio that displays your interests so that the other person can see what an interesting person you are!

Second step: Check out the options available to you and swipe right to those you find interesting, again according to their photos and bio! Now, you might find a variety of people here. You can get rid off the creepy ones, make friends with some decent ones and then you’ll find the guy you’ll feel the spark with!

Third step: so you’ve found the guy, you are interested in! Get to know them inside out. Talk about their hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Bombarding them with questions would feel like you are interviewing them for the post of your boyfriend and trust me it’s exhausting,

To wrap things up, keep up with the exciting conversation if it goes well and he asks you out; go for your first date and who knows this might be the person you were waiting for!