Remember when the family would sit around the living room coffee table and play Monopoly, or Mouse Trap, the Game of Life, or any number of other board games? Remember Checkers or Chess? Remember when you’d sit around the dinning table and play War, or Canasta, Rummy, or even Poker using match sticks for bets? Remember when playing games was a face to face social event for family and close friends?

Online games are taking over as more and more people own computers and reach out into the Internet for ease of communication and now… entertainment. Missed your favorite episode of ‘Bones’? No worries. You can catch it on eight days after it airs. You can download movies. You can play just about any game you can think of with members of your family across the country or with an online friend who lives halfway around the world. You can visit situs poker online idn for more Online games. You get a wide variety of online games through which you can mingle and socialize with gaming community. It is really fun and the games works seamlessly.

Many people meet life partners online and, surprisingly, many meet playing online games, so if you think they’re all hanging out in online dating chat rooms think again. The people that play Muli-mass Online (MMO) games are of all ages, not just teen-age boys as one might suspect. There are many grandmothers out there 60+ spending some of their time playing MMO and socializing at the same time. Many husbands and wives play together, parents play with children. In my case, for example, my son (here in Arkansas) and my grandson (half way around the world in Australia) get together playing Anarchy Online. Many of these games have in-game voice-chat options, or the players have set up accounts in Ventrilo (a client that allows people to talk over the web) so while you’re playing the game you’re communicating real-time with a number of other people. The MMO has become more than just a game, it has become a community and a norm for socializing in the 21st Century.

Some of these games are free download client software, such as Ultima Online or Eve. The initial set up is free, but the expansions you have to pay for (generally around $29.99) and there is a monthly fee to play the game, generally $12 to $15. Then there are the games you buy the client software, such as World of Warcraft, Never Winter Knights, and Guild Wars, all of which are available to the consumer at various prices, the average being around $30 to $40. They also have a monthly fee of around $15 to play. World of Warcraft has a two month card that can be purchased. All will generally offer a free introductory period before you actually need to purchase the game or start paying that fee. Fantasy worlds await you, the vastness of the future is no further away than your computer.