PUBG and Fortnite are two of the most commanding games of the modern video gaming era. Both of them are famous for their grabbing gameplay that can keep you glued to the console for hours. And yes, both the games are packed some truly challenging levels. Now, the question comes which one is more challenging. Well, there cannot be a one-word answer for it. The truth is there are specific challenging areas where both the games top the other.

Fortnite features more challenging mechanics

Fortnite’s mechanics are anyday more challenging than PUBG. In PUBG, players can manage to survive up to 50 deaths by just laying down in the grass. But, you don’t have that scope in Fortnite. The players here should always be on their toes and be precise with the shots to survive. The bottom-line is while hiding can help you to survive in PUBG, it’s not the case with Fortnite. However, you can buy green skins from for a nice camouflage behind the bushes. It will help you to safeguard yourself from enemies to some extent.

PUBG demands more strategic thinking

PUBG features larger maps than Fortnite. The game also has relatively lesser loots than the other. Such a gameplay demands PUBG player to be extremely strategic so that he can find out the precise locations just in the nick of time. You don’t have such pressure in Fortnite. Fortnite players need to be more proactive with their arms and ammunitions and that doesn’t require much of tactical thinking.

Building is really challenging for Fortnite players

The game Fortnite revolves around the art of “building”. And, building is more of a learned skill here that makes the game extremely challenging. Fortnite players have to be not only great at combat but in building as well. PUBG players don’t have to deal with such pressure as the game is mostly based on fight-or-flight response.