Brawl Stars, published and developed by Supercell, makers of Clash of Clans, is becoming steadily a regular gaming application on every mobile phone across the globe. It is fun, challenging and rewarding experience for players who seek to come out on top with its unique and discreet way of competitive gaming, bringing out the best of everyone so to speak. Brawl Stars is slowly gaining its popularity as mobile gamers are starting to notice the potential the game has.

Brawl Stars is very easy to play. The learning curves can be easily to understand as well. The mechanics of the game is also newbie friendly. Aside from that, the characters in-game are full of appeal and has their very own set of skills for players to master and be good at. Surprisingly, the in-game characters are now 26 including the newly released brawler whose name is “Rosa”, the female counter-part of El Primo. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Another reason why Brawl Stars is gaining its popularity is because of the large number of maps that players can enjoy. Not only that, it has 5 categories of events that will surely challenge every player. One good example of a category is what they call ‘Showdown’. It’s basically a battle-royale type of game mode where in every player and their brawler are for themselves. They can play solo or tag along their friends for some duo match or even friendly game as well. Overall, the game is very unique and challenging.

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