Playing any game is always fun, and there are many games that you can play online or offline like poker online, video games or physical games like football, cricket, hockey, etc. Archery is a great sport too, and everyone can enjoy it. It does not need much physical strength. Therefore, you don’t need an athletic body to be good at archery. It is a great exercise for your mind as well as your body.

Moreover, you should always try new things and inculcate new hobbies, and archery is one of the best options for it. There are many ways in which you can take up archery such as-

  • Indoor archery: you can take up indoor archery and this way you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions outside, just join a club or class that will allow you to learn indoor archery.
  • 3D archery: 3D archery is similar to field archery, and you have to shoot at a 3D animal that is made up of foam- plastic. Many clubs host this kind of archery.
  • Field: if you have a thing for outdoor games, you can try field archery. You have to shoot at a stationary target that is called bull’s eye and are kept at varying distances.

Before going for archery, make sure you take 4-5 lessons and then decide if you enjoy it or not. Join a class or a club that will have instructors who will tell you how it is done. If you join a good club, they will teach you the correct way to shoot and all the other necessary techniques. Once you learn everything, you will be able to take up archery challenges with other people in various clubs or competitions.