The fundamentals of starting a blog, Vlog, podcast are quite similar in some aspects. This article will be divided into 3 parts covering the basics of how to start your own sports blog, Vlog, podcast from 해외축구중계.


Determine your niche. In this case it is sports blog so make sure you are thorough with your research to make you blog more reliable and fresh.


It is an indispensible tool for blog writing. You can set up your blog in it, add themes, and use other customizable options to make your blog stand out among others.

First blog and more

Plan your first blog and make sure its error free and fun to read to catch the attention of the viewers.

Publish on a hosting site

After you are done, publish it on any hosting site. There are many of them on the internet including both paid and unpaid ones. You can choose between them based on your needs.


A Vlog is just a video blog of a person’s daily life or something that he or she wants to show the world. In general YouTube is the most preferred site for Vlogging as it gives you more exposure and wide array of audience.

Good username

It may sound obvious but a good username works wonders. Try to make it catchy without using numbers and symbols. The easier it, the more people will remember it. Making it easier also helps them search for it quickly.

Better equipment

Before you begin, make sure your have at least a good camera. If not then invest in one that has 720p quality video recording or more. The better the quality of your videos, the more viewers it will attract.


Learn how to edit videos. You can watch tutorials on YouTube on how to edit Vlogs. Editing your Vlogs moderately makes your videos very presentable and appealing to the audience.


Interacting with your viewers is an important part of podcasting as it makes them feel like a part of the show. You can do this by letting a lucky viewer record with you or play the voice messages sent by your viewers on the show. Connect with them.