PDF is the preferred format when you have to compress your file size. Also, it’s better to have files in PDF format when you have to send them to someone. It’s because, PDF assures no change in file layout. It can’t be said about other file formats, say Word, and that may give rise to unwanted misunderstandings. Thus, to be on the safe side, it’s better to convert Word documents in PDF, especially when you have to send them to someone. PDF conversion is an easy process as there are PDF converters to do the job for you.

The post below offers a step by step guide on free convert word doc to pdf with the help of PDF converter.

Step 1

Find a reliable free converter

The first thing is to look for a credible and free PDF converter. You will find both online and downloadable converters today. Choose a one as per your preference. If you don’t have much space in your system, it’s better to go for an online converter.

Step 2

Bring Word file to converter

In the next step, you will have to bring your preferred Word file to the converter program window. All you will need to do is a simple drag & drop. However, some converters may also allow you to add your Word file through “Add File” button. If you want a drag & drop convenience, keep the Word file on desktop for easy reach.

Step 3

Convert into PDF

Now, we have reached at the final stage of the process. As soon as you upload your Word file, the converter program will immediately convert your Word file into PDF. These converter programs can also convert PDF files into many file formats.