Are you tired of using mediocre ink for your fountain pen? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place. Start revitalizing your handwriting and signature with the best fountain pen inks that will be discussed below.

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  1. Permanent Blue Montblanc Ink

This ink cartridge is sized at 60 milliliters. It features a container loaded with blue ink. The ink fluid flows easily, making it easy to disperse. When used with a paper that is not cheap, this ink will produce great results. It also takes a short amount of time to dry. It completed every waterproof, as well as permanence testings, are done using the ink. As a result, this ink is extremely recommended for use in fountain pens to take care of important documents that require your signatures. Its glass container is very elegant, making it an excellent thing to decorate your desk with. It can also make a very good gift for pen enthusiasts.

  1. Waterman Paris Fountain Pen Ink

This ink is for people who want their handwriting to be as intense as it can be. This splendid fluid ink is available in a vintage glass container. Waterman comes in a total of 8 colors, which includes major colors like black, red, as well as blue.

The color variety and the color richness belonging to the Waterman fountain pen ink collection is something that you can enjoy, especially the blue colored one that provides deep shades of blue. However, every one of those colors is great.

In addition to that, the ink has excellent flow rate. Waterman Paris Fountain Pen Inks are also available in cartridge form, for people who do not want to get a traditional glass ink container.