The addiction of 부스타빗 has been profoundly increasing internationally from playing through smart phone to personal computers. Casual gamer is the most common type of gamer, you often see them on their phones playing random and easy to play games; it is not really a competition for them since they are only after for the entertainment and to be able to escape from reality for a little while. The other type of gamer is the hard core gamer, they are so focus with their computers that their lives revolves only in online gaming. They seldom do outdoor recreational activities and less interaction with other people around them. How about you? Are you a casual gamer or a hardcore?

We do have a lot of choices when it comes to downloading or installing online games and because most of the population loves its source of entertainment we always find ways to find good resources of gaming sites. If you’re fond of it then, look through to some of this.

  1. Gamers Gate

The interesting feature about this online gaming site is that it has a blue coin system. Buyers are able to earn credit through coins if they participate in GamersGate community, giving reviews and responding to help topics. A variety of straight game keys that you can directly download but limited when it comes game selections.

  1. OnePlay

It is offers a VIP subscription that will cost for 10 dollars per month that lets you access to vast of indie and older PC games as well as to Android users. Another interesting feature about this gaming site is that, it has a rental system meaning the players will pay a small amount of rental fee and will be allowed to be play for thirty days.

  1. Good Old Games in short GOG

A digital distribution hub gaming system wherein they have a lot of selections of older games. Some sites has limited catalog of old or indie games but for this site they expanded the categories for the players to enjoy.