Currently, the Fortnite map has some problems. There are several high profile places where most of the lobby will land that leaves majority of other locations on the island unoccupied. Hence, if you are playing in the Voctory Royales, you must avoid some locations as there are a lot of players in there and there is no enough loot. The moment As a player of this game, you might also want to know what are the worst places to land in Fortnite: Battle Royal. Thus, to help you, here are some of the places that you should avoid.

Titled Towers

While Titled towers are a good location to land if you’re looking for many kills that you can obtain in the gameplay, it is not a good spot if you are grinding for Victory Royales. Titled Towers are perhaps the popular location in the game and so many players go to this place. But the problem is, with tremendous number of players, the competition becomes keener making it difficult for you to level up.

Salty Springs

For other players, Salty Springs is like Titled Towers because there are also several players that land on this place. As such, the competition is also stronger that several deaths occur. Players with pistol or revolver die easily when they come to face players or scalar squad with shotguns and more powerful weapons. Also, you can find small amount of loots in this place.

Sports Center

Another bad location in Fortnite Battle Royal is the Sports Center. You can also find less amount of loot in this place. This is located between Titled tower and Snobby shores. While less people land on this place, the location of sports center itself is not a good suggestion. Here you will be faced with a lot of challenges.