Everyone would love it if their phones worked longer than usual. Who would hate a prolonged battery life! Well, yes, there are tips and hacks for you to increase your battery life. But do you also know about the myths you have believed about the battery of your iphone till now? Get your facts brushed and see the truth about iphone battery replacement!

There are ways to prolong your battery life is a reality, but there are also Myths, that are the result of little knowledge and self-made superstitions of people. Let’s check them out!


Apps running in the background consume battery and removing them from the new app tray will make the battery last longer.

Some people believe that doing this will save their battery, but this is what consumes more battery when you reopen the cleared apps. Though if you are not going to use them for a specific time, like when you are about to sleep, you can do this!

It is not safe you leave your phone on charging overnight!

Your phone has an advanced power management system. When you leave your phone to charge overnight, it will cost to the point it can, that is 100%, then there will be no further effect of loading on it. No, there is no such thing like it gets extra charged or saves the battery for backup!

Lastly, you can change the setting of your phone like automatic brightness adjusts too. Also, turning off Bluetooth and wifi won’t affect or prolong the battery of your phone! I used to hear these myths a lot from my mom! Then I would myself plug out the phone in the threat. But later on, I found that it is a myth and told my mom as well.