Majority of the folks are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes that is considered as a life-threatening disease.  This particular disease is creating a negative effect on the body. Therefore, if you are suffering from such chronic disease, then it is your responsibilities to make contact with a professional doctor who will surely suggest perfect treatment to you.  Lots of patients are losing almost 5 to 10 percent of body weight in a few days. Therefore, it is your responsibility to control eating habits.  It would be better to make the use of medicine like bec 5 curaderm that will surely maintain the Blood sugar level.  It is quite important to choose a perfect diet like-

  • Trim Down the consumption of Calories
  • Always consume green vegetables and Fruits
  • Avoid the intake of Saturated fats

Following are two popular medicines for the Type 2 Diabetes patient that will surely sustain the level of Blood sugar.

  • Metformin (Glucophage, Glumetza, others)

There are different types of medicines are available for the Diabetes patient, and Metformin is one of them that will surely reduce glucose production. It is one of the best medicine which is creating a positive impact on the liver.  If possible, then you should always Consume Glumetza before having lunch or dinner. In order to control the sugar level, then you should consume metformin on a regular basis.

  • Meglitinides

If you are looking for something best medicine, then you should consider repaglinide and Nateglinide that will surely improve your health and will help you in improving the weight.

Moving Further, these are two best medicine that will surely create a positive impact on the body Tissues.  If you want to maintain the sugar level, then one should consume medicine before having lunch or dinner.