The latest bullish trends in the crypto space is pulling in investors from almost all over the world. Are you too planning to try your luck in the crypto world? That’s great considering the fact that cryptocurrencies promise dramatically high returns. But, before you proceed for investment, the first thing to decide is the potential coins for investment. Finding the right coin/coins for investment is a crucial step and can make or break your chances of ROI with cryptocurrencies. Many investors have mehr Geld verloren with the wrong selection of coins. The post below offers a brief on the most potential coins for investment this year.

  • Bitcoin

No discussion about cryptocurrency is complete without Bitcoin and the same goes with this one. The biggest cryptocoin, Bitcoin commands 40 percent share in entire crypto market cap. In fact, Bitcoin is estimated to reach up to $1 million in the next few months. So, your crypto investment portfolio is incomplete with Bitcoin.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. The coin took the world by storm with its incredible 3,000% growth in 2017. Although the coin had had its few share of downs yet it’s amazing reputation has stayed more or less intact. And yes, what makes ETH ever more valuable is its scope beyond being a mere digital currency. Ethereum allows developers to build their very own cryptocurrencies through the ETH platform.

  • Ripple

This is another highly sought-after crypto coins for investment. Akin to many other cryptos, the coin witnessed a phenomenal growth up to 36,000 back in 2017. However, the price of Ripple fell down in 2018. At present, Ripple’s price is around $0.36 and the Ripple community is expecting further rise in price in the coming months. Apart from being a crypto currency, Ripple also serves as payment system. It uses blockchain technology to make overseas payment faster and safer.