There are too many cool things on the internet that will look great on your T shirt. Fandom graphics! Cool designs! You! Anything can be transferred to a T shirt if you use heat transfer vinyl. If you want these, you can buy from or from Amazon, but which ones to buy! If you check online, you will find a lot of options and anyone who is new to this will be confused between so many options. So, here are some of the best heat transfer Vinyl that you can get:

  1. Heat Transfer Vinyl for T Shirts, Pack of 20

This is ideal for customizable T shirts and is of professional grade. These are one of the best products on the market. The pack comes with two white sheets, 2 black sheets, hot pink, yellow, red, rose red, orange red, orange yellow, blue, navy blue, sky blue, light grey, silver grey, lake blue, blackish green and green. There are some buyers who claim to have received damaged product.

  1. Siser Easyweed Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll HTV.

It is a very popular and trusted brand. The products are of great quality and built. It is not harmful and is chemical free, you don’t have to worry about safety. The material is thin and requires low pressure for application.

However, some customers complaint that the material is very hard to work with and that the product is damaged.

  1. J & J Packing Assorted Colors, 12 Sheets.

This is a heavy-duty heat transfer vinyl. These are easy to cut and weed. These are durable too and will not crack or fade away easily. Users have claimed that the material is hard to transfer and weed, some also said that they had difficulties in cutting the material as well.