If you’re looking into getting those likes and comments for your posts, or you’re just finding tools to help your brand name get out there, then you’ve come to the right place. With all these marketing tools in the market, it’ll be confusing enough to choose which one is the easiest to understand and the most useful one to apply to your brand. But with this guide, you’ll have all the proper tools you’ll need without ever having to wonder if it’s the right tool for you:


Hootsuite has been one of the earliest marketing tools in the industry. It’s used by many because of how easy it is to get around to and because it can manage up to several social media accounts such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram in just one dashboard.

It’s a great managing tool that allows publishing of posts and content directly to Instagram. This is a new feature seeing as this wasn’t yet allowed in the past. You can also schedule when to post all your content, a function many users are looking for in a marketing tool.


Getting your followers to interact with your Instagram posts is one way to draw in interest and build more likes and followers. How do you do that? By reposting their shared posts of your brand. More often than not, users like posting their content and tagging the brand involved. This will notify you and you can use that by reposting their content on your page.

But somehow, there is still no function on Instagram that allows you to repost content. You’d have to download the image and then upload it to your page. With Repost, it can do all that work for you and even crediting the user, which is something everyone should do when reposting images or videos on social media.


Want to know what your competitors are into these days? Keep tabs on them with Minter. You’ll be able to take a look inside your competitors’ niches so you can spot what’s trending in the marketing world. This way, you too will be up to date on the recent and popular marketing strategies.

Get popular with these marketing tools now!