Laser removal is undoubtedly one of the buzzing topics in the beauty tinsel town. It’s way more advanced than traditional methods like waxing or shaving or hair removal creams and promises that dream smooth skin. Are you too curious about laser hair removal? Well, the post below offers a brief on the prime facts about the process.

The working principle

Now, how does the laser process work? Well, the laser sessions send a focused laser beam aimed at your body hair. This light gets absorbed by skin pigment and it damages hair follicles big time. Damaged follicles reduce down to a dormant stage which prevents fast hair growth. The hair that re-grows after the dormant stage gets over is always lesser, finer and lighter than your original hair.

There is a difference how women treat their scalp hair and hair in other parts of the body. When it comes to scalp hair, they definitely wish to keep it long, thick and stylized. And, if you have curly hair, you should definitely try these hair dryers. But for hair in other parts of the body, these are simply not wanted. And laser hair removal complements such desires by assuring powerful hair reduction.

Areas suitable for laser hair removal:

  • back
  • chest
  • shoulders
  • bikini line
  • face (except eye area)
  • neck

Perks of laser hair removal

Semi-permanent hair reduction

Laser hair removal will reduce your hair growth to the point where you won’t even need to shave or wax. With every session, you will experience around 15% reduction.

It doesn’t take much time

On an average, a laser hair removal session would take something like 20 minutes.

It’s not too painful

At the most, you will feel a sharp tingling sensation during your treatment- but nothing too excruciating or unbearable.

You will have to complete minimum 7-8 sessions to experience full results.