1. Swimming develops the academic skills of your child

Aside from health and physical benefits, swimming also has mental benefits. Swimming benefits the reading and writing comprehension of your child.

Swimming lessons help in the growth of children’s motor skills, as well as coordination. It also improves the left and right hemisphere of children’s brain. Swimming is also understood to improve the development of the brain responsible for languages such as reading and writing because swimming is an ambidextrous activity.

  1. Swimming does not require specific abilities

Swimming can be learned by anyone. Unlike some sports, like basketball, volleyball, or football that needs a specific set of skills in order to learn and excel at, swimming does not require special skills. All the skills you need for swimming can be developed as you go through swimming classes. Additionally, swimming can be done alone. You cannot play basketball alone, but you can swim alone. (Take note that your children must not swim alone, however. Always supervise your kids when they go for a swim.)

Success on swimming is based on individual performance, not on a team effort. This can cause your child to be more inspired by improving themselves. Studies have found that children who are swimming regularly are more disciplined, in addition to having better confidence in oneself and having a greater motivation.

  1. Social benefits to your kids

The social implications of swimming are great for kids. They can relate to other children of their age. This can lead to friendships, and bonding in the swimming pool is a great way to create life lasting bonds. Additionally, parents can also meet and be social with the parents of the other kids.

When your kids learn at SwimJourney, they will surely have social interactions with other students of their age.