Teeth are one of the most neglected parts of human body. Most of the people tend to skip the basic routine of brushing twice a day. What a lot of people don’t know is that poor teeth and weak dental hygiene is dangerous for health. The post below offers a brief on the damaging effects on body caused by poor oral care.

Cardiovascular issues

If you think damaging effects of poor dental care are limited to bleeding gums and loose tooth, think again. As per, top Collins Street Smiles dentists, weak oral care can even lead to cardiovascular issues. Periodontal ailments could lead to bacteria into bloodstream and there the germs may cause hardening of the arteries. It eventually leads to plaque buildup on inside walls of the arteries, resulting in reduce blood flow which abets risks of stroke or heart attack.

Respiratory troubles

As per studies, gum issues may lead to serious respiratory infections, like COPD or pneumonia.

Pregnancy problems

Would-be moms should be extremely careful about proper dental care. According to studies, periodontal problems may lead to premature birth or lower birth weight.


This point may sound absurd but studies have found that dental problems might affect the mental health of a person. In fact, some research studies have shown that weak dental hygiene may abet dementia risks- especially when a person encounters tooth loss.


Do you know recurrent bleeding gums could lead to something as fatal as pancreatitis cancer? Yes, studies have found that poor dental health bears a connection with this deadly cancerous disease. The very bacteria which lead to periodontal problems could trigger cancerous cells in pancreas.

The bottomline is healthy teeth is the key to a disease-free strong physical and mental health. Thus, be proper with your basic daily dental care and make sure to visit a dentist at least twice a year.