Bitcoin has emerged in the market in the last few years and everyone choosing the platform to invest their money. As a lot of people are trading in the stock, bitcoin, and other platforms, there are different platforms that have been introduced to help them out. It needs to acquire a certain skill set in order to have a successful trading history and not everyone is an expert in that field. To solve such problems platforms like a bitmex calculator is introduced, which can help you out to make the right decision at the correct time while managing your trading account.

How to apply bitmex in risk management

The platform can help you in many ways as there are a lot of hidden features are there which can help you out to manage the risk involved in your trading. By using the following features one can get benefited by the platform


  • There is independece to configure your risk amount in the platform, that implies that user can set a amount which they are ready to be in risk. The rest of the portion will be on the safe side.
  • The platform will try to find out your portion using either risk amount or when you are willing to stop. According to the provided data, trading will be configured and suggested to the user.
  • The platform has different features to calculate the risk associated with the different investments, so you can understand the working of it and then start applying the process to get the best results.
  • You just need to set the amount you are willing to trade, there will be an option of choosing the risk margin. Based on your entry price, risk margin, time of investment it will show you all the statistical data and you can find out the risk percentage on your trading.


Using all these great features of a bitmex calculator, one can save a lot of money by making wise decisions at the right time.