Mobile games come in a huge variety these days and the most famous ones among them are the fighting games. One such famous fighting game these days is marvel: contest of champions. It is a very interesting game as compared to others, as one have to build separate teams of heroes and villains with the objective of saving the universe. The game involves fighting the characters against each other using various of their strengths, exploit the weaknesses and by creating alliances. One will have to collect heroes and up their game by using crystals which one will get at different levels and also finding marvel contest of champions hack download option is also very easy. Out of all the crystals, 4 star is a very important one and the steps to earn them are mentioned below.

How to earn 4-star champions?

  • Explore the acts:

Completely explore act 3 and also act 4 to get the 4-star crystal. Make it a point that the entire acts should be explored as then only one will be rewarded with 4-star crystal and champion.

  • Fight in the arena:

One will have to fight in the arena to win a four-star or three-star champion. For this one will have to make sure that they have 3 or 4 four star champion to go into the arena. Does not matter if one wins or not, even for fighting in the arena one will get 4-star shard.

  • In-game purchase using units:

In the game, one will get offers to buy 4-star shard or crystals, but it is not for free as one will have to spend their in-game currency which is also called as units to buy them.

  • Buy 4-star using real money:

One can also spend their real-world money to buy start crystals, however, this is only for some case of urgency and usually, players do not go for this often.