One of the greatests of all times, Lionel Messi is a professional football player from Argentina who plays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina National Team. The soccer wizard plays as a forward and also is the captain of both the teams. Messi is widely considered one of the best soccer stars to step into the field ever.

Lionel Messi is also the top choice not just for the football lovers but also for the top managers and players. Here are some reasons why Messi is the eternal favorite:

Maverick Dribbling Skills

Messi’s dribbling skills makes him the best dribbler in the world. His ability dribble his way out with the ball even in tight spaces is one of a kind skill he possess. Messi uses his dribbling skills to fool his defenders and sends them in a wrong direction.

Strategizing wizardry

Any game, be it football on field or a game of cards from situs bandarq, for instance, needs strategizing. Messi is not just a star player but also a stellar captain. His well-calculated on-field strategies have won many matches both for Barca and his country’s national team.

Inspiring Concentration Level

Like strategizing, a player needs to keep his calm and concentrate on the win, especially if he is the captain of the team. Messi is dedicated, calm headed and his urge to surpass his own records every time he plays keeps him ahead of the league.

Smooth Consistency

Messi is not popular amongst the crowd just because he is the best of all, but also because he has a consistent track record. He has scored 46 goals in league football games. He has the records of winning five Ballon d’Or awards and six Golden Shoes, till date .He is the best by far. He is considered to be a treasured star of the sport.