Brass belt buckles are considered quite fashionable. Some of the designer belts like those from Gucci and Hermes have statement belt buckles made from brass. If you are not ready to splurge on original Gucci, you can even find fake Gucci belt whose buckle resembles the look and feel of the original. Brass buckles can be adjustable and detachable, and you need to take your pick according to your needs and tastes. Below are few reasons why you should have at least one belt with a brass buckle:

  1. Look

Brass has a classy look which gives a statement appearance to your entire outfit. Its antique finish is what sets it apart from gold and silver, and makes it so popular. Brass buckles are also good to wear with formal, western and special occasional wear.

  1. Durability

Brass as a metal is pretty durable. It is easy to clean and maintain. It can develop a layer called patina on getting old, which adds character to the metal.

  1. Sizes and shapes

Brass belt buckles are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Both men and women can find a belt buckle made from brass that suits their needs and styles. Men can opt for huge statement brass buckles, while women can opt for oversized buckles to pair with their skirts and/or trousers. Brass buckles also come in different types of clasps, and one can choose what is suitable for him/her.

  1. Styles

Brass buckles come in versatile designs, which add statement to the belt and the wearer. There are sports and country inspired belt clips, while some men can opt for cowboy belt buckles. Brass belt buckles also have vintage styles and designs and are manufactured by some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. One can either choose a pricey designer piece, or settle for a close replica.