Preschoolers in this day and age are starting to use the computer. They will grow up learning mostly through interaction with computers. Computer time should be limited and not overused, but allowing your preschooler to use a computer cannot only be fun for them, but also educational. Aside from that, it allows you as parents to unwind and play Situs poker online among other games too.

Here are a few games and websites every preschooler should visit.



SoupToys is a game that not only will be entertaining for your preschooler but also can lead to hours of fun for you as a parent. The game features “toy boxes” which have different types of toys which you can play with. Sports toys, dolls, trucks, building blocks, etc. You can build complex courses and have balls or marbles roll through the course. This game teaches problem solving skills as well as cause and effect for preschoolers. It’s easy to use, and fun for everyone. And with over 100 toys to chose from, the game will never become boring. SoupToys is free for download on Windows PCs only. They are currently working on developing the game for Macs. Download the game at is a learning resource for children preschool all the way to Jr. High. For preschoolers there are several games and sections to chose from to enhance the learning experience but also have fun while learning. Children can learn their ABCs with song and games. Each letter has an individual section on the site and the child will learn what a letter looks like, the sound it makes, and what words begin with the letter. also has a reading section where the child can create their own story or read a story that has already been written. Along with stories the site has games and stories about major holidays and other areas that appeal to children. is easy to navigate and lots of fun for children. Each game and section can be rated to better help the team know what is working for the children and what isn’t. also has a store for low cost books and materials to help with your child’s reading. is free to use. Visit for more information and lots of online fun! is a website where your child can play various games. All games revolve around learning, whether it be a matching game or a story telling game where children have to complete the story. There are reading stories where they complete stories or make up their own, and memorization games.


Parents can also track what their children are doing on the website so you know what your children are learning and what games are their favorites. has two options for use. The free membership which limits the games and amount of play time for the child. For a preschooler, free membership is enough because preschoolers shouldn’t be playing online for long periods of time. has a paid membership (monthly, yearly, or lifetime) which opens up many more games and options that are not available to your under the free membership. Visit for more information on memberships.

With our children becoming more and more computer oriented these are a few resources to help your child not only learn computer usage but also learn while on the computer by having fun.