One of the most hardcore action-packed games ever, basketball needs a powerful combination of strength, agility, stamina and speed from players. Players should focus on following a sincere routine of regular exercise and workouts to stay in shape on the court. However, not every exercise would do here. For example, when you wish to play lottery, you can’t settle with just any site out there. You need to go for a highly reputed site to ensure  togel online terpercaya. Likewise, in basketball, any exercise won’t do-you have to look for the best sports-specific exercises only.

The post below offers a brief on the top exercises for basketball players.

Squat jumps

Jumping is certainly one of the most important skills required in a basketball player, especially during rebounding and shooting. Squat jump is one of the best exercises here to strengthen your jumping ability.

Your feet should be spread in alignment with shoulder-width and the back must be straight. Bend knees as well as lower down hips and take a high jump immediately. You must land with two feet and get into squat posture before another high jump.

Plyometric pushups

This exercise is excellent for strong upper body as well as fast, explosive hands.

You have to perform the exercise with a basketball. Take the ball and get in pushup position. The basketball will be in between the hands. Now, lower the body down till chest hits ball and then explode up. As you explode up, your hands should go on top of basketball. Then release that hands and get back to starting posture for another round. You have to repeat the exercise 10 times.

Bench press with close grip

This workout is great to increase strength of upper body area.

Lie flat on back on your fitness bench. Both of your feet should be on ground. Take weight bar in both hands and keep them 9” apart from one another. Take a breath and gradually lower down weights till above the chest. Push weight back as you exhale. You have to repeat this 10 times.